ATLAS.ti Workshops

  • Online Webinars

    Introductory and advanced online trainings through web conferencing. These courses are taught in English, Spanish and German and they are opened to participants worldwide.

    • Free Demo Webinars

      Free webinars on ATLAS.ti 7 Windows and ATLAS.ti for Mac OS X, in English and Spanish, are held several times each month so there should be room for anyone who wants to get a head start with understanding the concepts and functions of the program.

    In-house software training

    Courses for multiple participants can be held at your home institution or place of work. For a workshop in ATLAS.ti, please allow at least one full day; ideally two days are needed. Here (link) you can see a sample plan for both one-day and two-day courses.

    Research methods

    Courses on qualitative social research methods as well as the fundamentals of inductive and deductive statistics for researchers and grad students (course length can vary depending on needs and requirements).

    Two-day interview workshops

    What are the elements of a good qualitative interview? How should questions be framed and posed? What different types of qualitative interviews are there? How do researchers generate question sets?
    The workshop addresses these issues as well as practical considerations. Participants will gain skills that are necessary to reflect on and consciously shape the interview situation as an interactive communication process. This course is directed at students who would like to conduct qualitative interviews (e.g. narrative, problem-centered or semi-structured) with individual interviewees, e.g. for research projects or student theses, or at participants who are generally interested in adding interviewing to their broader skill set.

    Project consulting (ATLAS.ti)

    Individualized consulting: specifically tailored to your project, with a special focus on methodological problems and issues related to ATLAS.ti.
    Consulting for team projects: in particular on the topics of project setup and management, as well as team-based evaluation procedures and techniques.
    Graduate students: one-time or sporadic consulting at various phases of doctoral research (meetings may range e.g. from an afternoon to a whole day)

    Would you like to find out more? Contact me by email (consulting *at* or phone (+49  5130  586 572) to discuss any questions or additional details. Custom quotes or other details available on request