Example Data

Version 6 Quick Tour Projects: Jack the Ripper

  • Jack the Ripper: Stage 1
  • Jack the Ripper: Stage 2
  • Download the files and store them on your computer.
    Double click.
    ATLAS.ti opens and you will see the Copy Bundle Install window.
    In the field HU Path select a location of the project file (HU) that exists on your computer. To do so, click on the file loader icon.
    You should then see a green square next to the path field.
    Click on the unbundle button at the bottom right of the window.
    If ATLAS.ti 7 asks you whether you want it to manage your project, confirm.

Chapter 2: Data Preparation

Chapter 3: Project Management

Chapter 4: Technical aspects of coding

Chapter 5: Methodological aspects of coding

Chapter 6: Further steps in the data analysis process

Chapter 7: Working with network views