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Conference papers and other publications

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Conference presentations and reports not published elsewhere

  1. Restorative Justice through Mediation: A computer-assisted qualitative analysis of 107 mediation agreements conducted with ATLAS.ti. Project presented at: Eurocrim - Rethinking crime and punishment in Europe, September 21 - 24, 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania (together with Veio Zanolini, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Working papers

  1. On the danger of taking codes too seriously: Some methodological considerations. 2002.
  2. Konstruktion eines Kodierschemas in der softwaregestützten qualitativen Datenanalyse. 2002.
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Awards and Grants

  • Distinguished research award. Allied Academics, Academy of Marketing Studies, 2001.
  • Visiting International Research Fellowship in Social Research Methods, Institute of Social Research, University of Surrey, UK, May 2001.
  • Research Grant from the European Science Foundation. TERM II Programme. Tackling Environmental Resource Management (2000 – 2002).
  • Doktorandenstipendium. Hochschulsonderprogramm II. 1997-1998.
  • Reisestipendium zur Teilnahme an der: Society of Consumer Psychology conference in Austin, Texas, USA. Universitätsbund Hohenheim, 1998.
  • Student Research Award for Master’s thesis. Western Region Home Management Family Economics Educators, 1992.