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Qualitative Data Analysis With ATLAS.ti

Your research data mainly contains of qualitative or mixed-method data and you want to learn more about how to analyze these data sources?

ATLAS.ti is a computer program that supports the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to "soft" data, e.g., material which cannot be analysed by formal, statistical approaches in meaningful ways.

The classical case is content analysis of interview data. However, the spectrum of methodological approaches that can be applied when using the software is much larger. Inductive as well as deductive ways of working are supported and depending on the type of data and chosen methodological approach, different functionalities become more relevant. The workshop will cover both the technical aspects of software use, as well as the methodological aspects of various approaches. As not all approaches can be covered in a two day course, a choice was made to discuss Grounded Theory as one popular example of an interpretive approach, and mixed-methods as an example from the other, more deductive end of the spectrum.

Do you want to conduct a Grounded Theory (GT) study and would like to analyze your data using CAQDAS? In contemporary books on qualitative methods you find pointers and references to computer-assisted analysis, but little on how to translate manual ways of going about analysis to a computer-assisted way. It seems as it would be self-explanatory. In this seminar you will learn how to implement grounded theory analysis with the support of CAQDAS (ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA or NVivo). What does "coding" mean in a computer environment? How can GT open coding or axial coding be implemented? How and with what type of tools can memo writing be integrated? Learning how to apply GT and learning how to use software are already two big tasks by themselves. This workshop will support you in linking your chosen methodological approach with your favorite CAQDAS and how the various aspects of the methodology can be translated into software tools.


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